Services & Costs

My services are acupuncture treatments using technics within Five Element School, Master Tung System, Balance Method  (I Ching/Bagua Acupuncture). With such resources and a history of clinical cases recorded in hundreds of years, we are sure we can help anyone who seeks for better and more complete health and a more enjoyment of life.

TCM is a complete medical system in a different language. The Chinese Government stated that it will be the cornerstone of China Public Health by 2020. And it was recognized by the World Health Organization as a diagnose and treatment system recognized as such starting in January 1 of 2022.
(news about inclusion of Acupuncture in ICD-11 and insurance coverage)

Hence, as been used for thousands of years in the Orient, we can use it for treatment of almost any ailment as main approach or as a complementary supportive in treatments. And, when done by experimented Professionals, it does not have any pernicious side effects neither is counter indicated.

My services have a cost of 50 Euros per session of 60 minutes, VAT and & anything related included. In situations where is needed few more treatments, like infertility, recovery of tendons or muscular traumas, hemiplegia or other serious conditions, i have packs of 6 sessions for 240 Euros and 10 sessions for 360 Euros. I provide short treatments for sport injuries and other muscular problems. These short treatments run for 30 minutes and cost 25 euros and packs of 6 costing 120 euros. 

Please refer to “One Session” for a summary of a standard session.
Refer also to “How” for a brief explanation on how acupuncture works.