A Session

For newcomers to this art/science, a brief description of an Acupuncture session.
Each session is unique because, at any given moment, we are unique. We are different from a minute ago and different from what we will be, or would be. That is Chi… movement, changing. But there are things that repeat itself in their uniqueness. This is what typically happens in one Acupuncture Session when done under Classical Chinese Medicine:
– report on concerns/diseases
– checking & identifying present state
– assessing changes/movements from near and far paste (that could happen within days/weeks or months/years)
– evaluate tongue, pulses and palms
– decide best course of action & discussing it together
– insert needles and checking that they’re painless
– rest for about 60 minutes while needles do their work, listening to some music provided by us. Preferably binaurals (music with embedded sounds in specific frequencies so that Central Nervous System relaxes)
– discuss what happened during treatment and next steps
At all times, one should be relaxed, comfortable. If there’s need to take some clothes, towels would he provided to cover yourself.
If “things” happen during a session, it’s part of the session. Acupuncture IS a very powerful way to treat and re-align oneself. For instance, with I Ching Acupuncture, we are actually addressing imbalances at the DNA/ATP level. That can, sometimes, be felt by the patient.
It is incredibly valuable to be able to relax and let go. Letting go is a Daoist cornerstone for a reason. Each Session will be at least 60 minutes for one reason: it is said that Chi circulates through out the body 50 times each day. That corresponds to one cycle (also called “one breath”) each 28 minutes. To be able to secure a good result it is considered that one should be with needles at least 2 cycles or breathing. That why our sessions are of 60 minutes.