I’ve never even done acupuncture. He never did. I don’t judge who does it or who did it. We all have to look for something that will help us in certain phases and circumstances of life. I met Luís through a friend who advised me of his services and told me wonders of acupuncture. It took me months to reach him. It didn’t make sense at the time. Eventually, a few months later, I ended up scheduling a kind of experiment. I went to the “harm, would not do”. I confess that the first impact was not the best, Luís told me heavy things in that first session and I was a little fragile. I came to discover afterwards, by myself, that, in fact, what he told me was the purest of truths; It was what no one ever told me and I didn’t want to hear. But I had to. After two and a half months of treatment (a part also in conjunction with my husband), I got pregnant spontaneously. After two years of trying, an IVF (in vitro fertilization) failed and about to go to the second round. Today we have Alfonso, beautiful and wonderful. And he´s quiet and smiley as Luis told he would be. That it was too much of a coincidence that we got pregnant just that month when we both had treatment? It could be… But I don’t believe in coincidences.

Thank you Luis!

Joanna and David
(Technical Translator and KPMG Consultant / Civil Engineer)


I tried the acupuncture more than 20 years ago when I had tried everything to end my back pain. I have lived in several countries like Lisbon, Madrid, London, and in all of them i did acupuncture for the same problem. In Maputo and with the Luis Damas I met another facet of acupuncture, not only the treatment for my back aches but for other problems that I did not know was possible to treat through acupuncture. In my case, when I had some health problems, I did not resort to medical emergencies but to Luis to treat anxiety attacks, stress, headaches, haemorrhoids. There hasn’t been a single day of treatment that didn’t leave his clinic more relieved. I also started to make acupuncture as a way of prevention and not just pain relief. In addition to the professional qualities, Luis is an extraordinary person, very informed about the subject, health, always gave me useful advice about food, ways of life, as a complementary form of treatment.

Olga Sanches Osório


Dear friend, after so many alignments, the wind finally blew inside me and the seed germinated, having fluid water to water the miracle of life (and… my beautiful son was born, who I believe were the “needles” who opened the way!) Today my timber is as solid as steel! In addition, as you’ve always told me, no matter what wind blows, it won’t bring me down… Thank you so much for our long conversations and the wise “stings”. (does this testimonial serves or this very poetic, kkkkk?) … hug!

Ana Lucia Silva
(ONG Consultant)


I have no words to describe the results of acupuncture sessions in the relief of cervical, lumbar and sciatic pain. Since many years i have had cervical pain, lumbar and sciatica more frequent in winter, which made me look for some orthopaedic doctors but unfortunately the recommended therapy was always based on symptomatic treatment based on anti-inflammatory, analgesic and muscle relaxants. But I always tried to avoid the frequent use of these medications and I ended up “getting used to” living with some level of pain and especially sleeping in pain. In a time of despair, I finally tried the “famous needles” and since then they are always my first option when I feel uncomfortable. After 2 to 3 sessions, the results were always fantastic; the pain decreased dramatically, muscle relaxation improved and my quality of life as well. I have always made treatments one to two months a year, one to two treatments per week that would make me comfortable and painless the rest of the year and without the need to take anti-inflammatory, painkillers and muscle relaxants.

Monica Pais
(Veterinary Doctor)


We work together in most of my health problems specially these migraines, but this time around, I want you to know that I am very grateful in a very simple think. I can finally use again a bikini on our wonderful beaches. Your treatment for cellulitis had done an amazing job. I will try to do my part and maintain this state, by not committing the same food errors you have though me. Thank again, Luis!

Katia B. (bank manager)


Because my cancer treatments, they had to remove some glands from my armpit. My arm became constantly swollen and I had excruciating pains in the back, the all spine and specially in lumbar region. I never consider acupuncture for all that “un-scientific system”. But Luis treated very successful a uncle of mine. So, I asked my father for his contact a booked a few sessions. To my wonder and awe, my arm started to un-swollen and all my back pains eventually disappeared. Now, because I travel a lot, from South Arica to Mozambique and way around, I continued to be skeptical as for sustainable results. Luis explained to me that as we grow old and progressively change/teach our body to become weak and ill, through misusages and bad food and habits, we can again re-teach our bodies to manage better our resources and be better. I am no ashamed to confess that I stressed this “new me”. Few months later we started to work I participate in 2 raves in consecutive days, one in Cape Town, the other in Johannesburg. When I wake up on Monday, I first though “I am going to regret deeply what I have done”, lol. Well… no pain whatsoever and no swollen arm!

P. R. (Entrepreneur)


For more than 20 years I suffered from migraines. I had a constant numb pain which transformed itself in unbearable pain each Friday afternoon, to stay till Monday next week. And around menstruation period was 24/7. I had tried all and acupuncture in Oslo, Norway. Nothing worked. But Luis made of this situation a partner’s work, researched, experimented and we finally figured out the best approach. The protocol was the 12 Magic and they couldn’t refer to it in a better way: I am completely free from those pains and can, now, fully enjoy what life has to offer. Thank you, Luis. And if you ever come to Oslo you’ll find yourself with a welcome host!



For long as I remember I suffered from psoriasis. I had lesions in the legs, back, armpits, breasts, head, elbows, tummy area. I was advised to seek Luis help, which I did with most willingness. However, been always with this condition, it was with surprise and excitement that I saw all my lesions start disappear. Within 3 months I was totally clean with a skin that I was just “knowing” for the first time. Only about one year late I had something appearing back, but Luis clear it with just 4 sessions. Where stress related and was very fast in treat it.

S. C.


I wrote this chronicle about my relationship with Traditional Chinese Medicine and how lucky I was to find Luis Damas, my “master of needles” or sorcerer of emotions as I call him.

“Life is a stretch (of clothes)”

If I were a journalist, a writer, or, for any other reason, entitled to a column in one of these famous media, I would begin this Saturday’s chronicle with the following phrase: “Life is a clothesline.”

We live a lifetime to accomplish successively strenuous tasks or to complain about the boredom to which the routine in which we move has yielded. We walk thus between at least two worlds, fulfilling dichotomous orders as for example: the all and the nothing; health and disease; savings and waste; euphoria and depression; the illusion and the disappointment …
We stretch and hang on the clothesline depending on fashions, moods or simply depending on our strengths. Whoever said or saiys that living is easy, to fulfill the narrative of Pinocchio, would certainly have a nose to lose sight of. It is not easy to live. Sometimes it is very good, sometimes it is terribly painful.
One of the biggest difficulties is that, since life is a stretch, we are rarely alone and we have to fit in according to the number of pieces that populate the rope. Often the rope stretches in such a way that we stay in it by a thread. Equally frequent is to fall off the rope.
Now, if being on the rope was not easy, going back to it is even more difficult. I imagine that if you have not given up reading this chronicle, you will already have with you a remarkable list of behaviors to adopt to allow the return to the rope. The possibilities are many, fortunately, however all require that you really want to be on the shelf. Looking up from here, I happen to be in the locker room today, it’s all right, but on the shelf, the question is: how do I help someone get back on the shelf? Other, more interesting questions: what kind of rope does it tie me to? What springs are these that bind me to the rope?
In this wandering of thoughts it seems to me clear that the will to be in the estendal is obligatory topic to stay there, while it is possible. All this, assuming that we are able to make a conscious decision.
There are times when our soul abandons us or in that because we have so many souls our body is not able to bear so much weight and in these cases the days become nights or eternal fogs from where we do not want to go by other paths that point us. We are then hung by a thread, almost transparent, between reality and madness, torn by panging pains that prevent us from safely reaching the shelf. If by chance a ray of the Sun awakens us, perhaps in a last folk we lift the body and return to the rope.
In fact, we are so insignificant and we send so little in our existence that in a fraction of a second the wind can pull us from the infinite rope inside.
Until that day one wish only: “Carpe Diem”! “

For my “sorcerer” of needles, I wish stars aligned in this new phase.
An eternal thank you to the science that ran the points of my tired body and helped me up.
Distance will allow me annual treatments at best, but there is the learning to listen to body and mind … that i make sure that being a grain of sand is all relative … that there is the need to introduce some discipline into my undisciplined existence… and that Friendship stays!
Distances are short in this process!
Go ahead, sorcerer of the needles, that Don Quixote has already laid on the marquise awaiting treatment and Sancho Panza is contorted by so much pain, certainly by excess of tortilla and cañas !!!
Thankful full of gratitude!

Estela Pinheiro